Whole Student Education Guide by K. Balaven

A key part of inclusion in schools is “seeing” the whole student so that the whole student can thrive. To this end, Inclusion Factor’s own Kalyan Balaven offers a guide to understanding the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to create a culture that champions the whole student. In it he writes:

“I believe we begin to create a culture of learning when we see and come to know each individual student. This whole student culture becomes tangible, when we use a fluid method via curriculum, in order to focus on establishing a relationship with each student, and thereby catalyzing the learner within. I believe this culture is established when the eduscape allows learners to create and set their own parameters for engaged learning. Finally, this culture spreads when all forms of power are laid bare, and active learners are allowed to tap into their own hidden power, in order to find their power within.”  

This succinct paper gets to the heart of what these three challenges are, examines the critiques citing classical theorists, educational pundits, and uses a key teacher journal to offer practical feedback in service to whole student education.

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