Founded in 2019 by whole-student champion Kalyan Balaven, Inclusion Factor is an education consultancy and think tank in service to the cause of inclusion in schools at all levels. Our team of expert DEI educators help institutions systemically measure inclusiveness by understanding what it means for students to thrive and facilitate a path toward staying true to the promise of  the institution’s mission. 

The Inclusion Dashboard Consortium, numerous linked articles, webinars, and cutting edge data tools make up a small part of the dynamic resource pool freely available to schools. This site is constantly evolving and growing as a database in order to support the idea that no student should ever feel excluded when at school.

If there are specialized needs for tools or consulting services beyond what is available please contact Nazeera Salak, the Inclusion Factor Administrator who can put you in touch with the appropriate member of the Inclusion Factor Team to help support your work.

First Inclusion Dashboard Retreat at The Athenian School 2017


Ramadan Mubarak

Dear Professional Communities, Ramadan Mubarak!  This translates as “Have a blessed Ramadan,” and in the vernacular it can be taken as “Happy Ramadan.” Take from this greeting the following three truths: Ramadan is a happy occasion. You do not have to be Muslim to say or receive this greeting. We Muslims generally view it as …

Whole Student Inclusion – Interview with Dr. Heidi Mirza

What does it mean to include the whole student?  This is the question at the heart of this interview with Kalyan Balaven for the Inclusion Factor and Professor Heidi Mirza. In this interview Dr. Mirza covers what it means for institutions to include the whole students.  She gives an example of a school that seems …